Where is Latvia?

On Thursday, November 7, 2013, we received a new mission call to the Baltic Mission, Latvia Region to labor as office support and were to enter the Mission Training Center on January 13, 2014. We were told to prepare for extremely cold temperatures, in fact our instructions were to wear a heavy coat on our trip there, but prepare to purchase an even heavier coat once we had arrived.

The next Monday, we received an email from the Mission President, President Boswell stating that their need for us was genuine and immediate. This was music to our ears, to hear that someone wanted us. As a result, we suggested our departure date could be moved up, and they moved it up to December 2, 2013. Now we are hustling to prepare.

And hustle we must, because we were in the midst of remodeling our down-stairs bathroom, removing a shower and replacing it with a tub. Bathroom remodels have a tendency of expanding until the whole room is torn out and replaced. And such was our experience, but we are almost done, or rather, we are almost as done as we can be and still go on this mission.

New bathtub, new tile, new everything, almost.

New bathtub, new tile, new everything, almost.

See the new tile. We were saved by good friends. We cannot say enough about the worth of good friends.

We have 11 days to go, and lots yet left to do. First we attend the MTC for ‘Preach My Gospel’ training, then a short class on how to run the office, then we are off. We are supposed to arrive in Riga on December 14, just in time for Winter.

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