We have been Called

Thursday, October 24, 2013, we received our call packet in the mail, then held it, unopened until we could gather our family for an opening party. It was difficult to have the call in our hands but not open it because it would determine our life for the next year and a half, but we wanted our family to participate in the opening.

As we had done for our prior mission, we bought a world map, then had everyone guess where we would go then we attached the guess to the map with a push-pin. When everyone had guessed and the guesses we had received by email had been added to the map, we opened the call and read it aloud.

Destination Guesses

Destination Guesses

We were called to the Michigan Lansing Mission, to enter the MTC on December 2, 2013. The guesses were clustered in Europe, Asia and the US. No one guessed Michigan but some were close by – Quebec Canada, North Dakota and Arkansas.

This leaves us five weeks to wrap up our home projects, get all the needed shots and collect everything we are going to take with us. Because the mission is in the US, we will be taking our car which means we are only limited by how much we can stuff into it.

We tried to phone the Michigan Lansing Mission many times Friday to tell them we had been called to their mission to no avail. No one answered. To us, this means we are needed there. It did not take long for Michigan Lansing to become ‘our mission’ in our hearts and minds even though we have not yet found much information on-line about the mission.

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