Here we go again

Initially, we had wanted to submit our papers for another mission before we left Cambodia, to minimize the time we would be in our Provo home. Our rationale for this was so we would interrupt our kids lives the least. Kristi and Jorgen are living in our house and we did not want to make them adjust much to our being in the home too.

As it turned out, it was financially better for us to complete our medical tests in the US because Medicare covered most of the costs and we discovered there were some tests we didn’t have to do. This did cause us to impact our families more than we had planned, but things have worked out and the kids adapted to our disruptions without a lot of audible complaint.

We waited a month after returning home to make sure our medical insurance coverage was firmly in place, then we started the tests, and finished filling out the mission forms. Again, we chose not to specify where we wanted to go, choosing instead to let the authorities do the choosing for us. We also did not point out our major skills so the assignment would be more based on inspiration.

When we thought the doctors had sent all our medical forms to our Bishop, we pressed the “Submit” button, sending the papers to him for review. Our Bishop was out of town on a business trip so it took another 10 days for the review, but the papers were out of our hands. When the Bishop returned, we set up an appointment for the following Sunday morning. Our friends, Stan and Rose ragged on us for not listing our special skills on the forms, so we asked Bishop Hall to add “Julia is a Master Gardener and has worked as a diagnostician at the Extension Office, and Robin is a software developer” to the form. He then pressed “Submit” forwarding the forms to the Stake President.

The Stake President has normal visiting hours on Sunday afternoon, so we visited him a week ago last Sunday, September 22, the same day we had our Bishop’s interview. President Alexander spoke with us for a few moments, then hit “Submit” sending the forms to the Church for their review and assignment.

If this mission call comes the same way our previous call did, it will take 8 to 9 weeks for us to receive it, then an additional 3 months before we report to the MTC. This means we do not expect the call before November 24, but we may be surprised either way by 2 or 3 weeks. Then we expect to be gone by the first of March to wherever it is we will be going. A lot of this depends on where the assignment is because there may be a substantial delay in getting visas should we be called foreign.

Anyway, it’s out of our hands now. This is a great time to study the scriptures, attend the Temple and learn a bit about Family History. And, of course, bounce the grand children on our knees (figuratively, of course).

Why are we going? Because of our Faith and our desire to serve our Master.

Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Julia and I were married in the Salt Lake City Temple on March 26, 1970 and quickly determined we would one day serve a mission, and then serve as many more missions as we could as long as our health held out. We are thankful to have made it this far.

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