We are Moving

The home we are in is beautiful and quite handy to the church building, which is diagonally across the street. But, it has several problems that have made us want to move.

When we arrived in Cambodia, we were assigned to the Ta Khmau and Kean Svay Branches and ended up spending $500 the first month in tuk-tuk charges just to get around. To help us, the Mission President took Kean Svay from us and suggested we move to Ta Khmau. To help us find a place, a rental agent took us to see over a dozen places, and this home had the best location and what seemed like a high, but affordable price, but mostly it was gorgeous, with a wood interior with display cases stuffed with knick-knacks. I wanted a cheaper place but this place won because of its nearness to the Ta Khmau Chapel. We asked to have the knick-knacks removed because we didn’t want to be responsible for them, but we didn’t think fast enough to ask for the prize Koi fish outside in a huge pot to be taken away as well. The house sits behind a garden court back from the highway surrounded by a high wall with a huge gate, and is quite impressive.

Out First Home in Ta Khmau

Our original lease period is coming to an end and presents us the perfect opportunity to critically examine the house, its cost and failings. The killer problem has been the unresponsiveness of the landlady, which was forcibly brought to our attention when the tub/shower faucet in the master bath started leaking big time and our landlady told us to fix it at our cost because it broke when we had use of the home.

Time to find another home. We wanted to stay in Ta Khmau, close to the people we love, but since we purchased a vehicle, we didn’t need to be so close to the church, so we drove around looking for ‘For Rent’ signs on real homes. Small rooms can be rented for $20-$100 per month, but we wanted American style toilets, hot water and at least 2 bedrooms, so we looked at walled villas. The first several were scary, with dirt and mold and piles of trash all over. Yuk. Finally, we found one about a mile from the church which looked good but the owners wanted more than our present home so we told them our target rental price, $800/month and continued looking.

The rental market must be real bad because they called back in a half hour to ask if we were Americans, because if we were, they would rent it to us for $800 a month. We hadn’t expected to find a good place so soon and expected the home to rent out to someone else before our current lease expired and we could move into the new one so we waited before getting back to them.

At this same time, several other senior couples were coming to the end of their missions and would be going home at the end of January, just as our lease was up, causing us to wonder if the Mission President might assign us to one of the areas outside Phnom Penh. After worrying about this for several weeks, we bluntly asked President Moon what his plans were and were told he would not disrupt what we were doing in Ta Khmau and our assignments in the Mission and we would be staying here. That day, we moved forward in leasing the new home.

Ta Khmau New Home

This home is a nearly brand new home, we think not lived in save for perhaps several nights when the absentee owners happened to be in town. It is bright and airy, has a master bedroom on the ground floor and 3 bedrooms on the first floor. ( I am not used to the floor I would call the second floor in America being called the first floor here.) The home has a beautiful kitchen, front room and dining room. This home was built for a family and it shows.

View of the Front Room

Modern Kitchen

We are ecstatic and cannot wait for February 1, when we can move in. It even has an electric gate and a clicker I can put in the car. I wonder what happens when there is a power failure.

Unfortunately, it also has a fish pond with scads of small fish in it, but nothing like the huge Koi we care for now.

The house doesn’t have Internet wiring but is wired for cable TV, so we don’t yet know where we will put our computers but we’ll have that solved quickly. Like I said, we are excited.

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